Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anyone else committed to fitness here?

I just started frequently lifting (3 times a week) about 2 months ago. I am now starting a HST routine tomorrow, which is still on a M/W/F split. I am looking for pure mass gains at this time; I will cut come summer. I would like to see your routine/goals/progress in comments!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

China tried to pass off clips of the movie "Top Gun" as footage of their air force.

Recently, China Central Television (a state-owned television station) aired footage of air force training exercises during a news program. The clips featured an American plane being shot down. Internet commenters were quick to point out that the plane was the same plane that Tom Cruise flies in Top Gun. In fact the footage appears to be identical from a scene in that movie.

You can compare the frames from the broadcast with the frames from the corresponding Top Gun scene at Gizmodo or on this Wall Street Journal video. (The original footage has been taken off of the CCTV website).

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Phil didn't see his shadow! A short winter it is!

Click to watch the video from the official Groundhog's Day website!

'Mass devastation': Cyclone Yasi hits Australia

A Category 5 cyclone, the Pacific region’s equivalent of a hurricane, threatens to devastate the already flooded northern region of Australia. Speaking from the capital, Canberra, journalist Michael Best tells TODAY’s Meredith Vieira about the “scary and terrifying” storm.

Click here for the video.